Beebot Team Challenge

Just before the Easter holidays, Miss K came to visit us from P2K Wallacestone Primary. While she was here, she showed us her class blog and we were very interested in the Team challenge to create a Beebot Mat. Miss K and Mrs C set us a challenge of our own!

We worked in teams of 4 to design a mat for Beebot to travel on. The mat had to link to a class topic, current or previous, and had to have at least three “danger squares”.

We tested our designs and then swapped them with P2K so we could review our Beebot Mats.

Watch this space for comments from P2K Wallacestone Primary.

We’ll be leaving comments about their mats too!

Spring Flowers

Before Christmas we planted some spring flower bulbs. Although we think Primary 1 had more success with their planting as our bulbs didn’t seem to do much! Thanks to P1 who let us use their bulbs as inspiration for our art.

Garry’s SSPCA Report

Yesterday during our assembly Pam came from the SSPCA to collect a cheque from Banked house, the cheque was worth an incredible £150. Later that afternoon we went to primary five so Pam could tell us more about what the SSPCA did. She told us that her favourite animal was a hedgehog and another thing she told us was she had an incredible fear of spiders. And she also said that a lady tried to keep a pig for a pet and the pig started to chase her around the kitchen! Pam told us the 3 main animals that fell down cliffs were sheep, dogs and cats. The SSPCA have to abseil down the very steep cliff to get them! Her visit was cool because she told us a funny story about a pig.

by Garry

Our Winter Olympic Experience

What an adventure! We followed the successes and defeats of different countries using and the bbc olympic website. We made olympic rings, coloured flags to represent the countries taking part, researched to find white hat facts about the countries, designed olympic athlete outfits, designed and made our own olympic medals, competed in our own class olympic events, wrote newspaper articles to celebrate Britain’s gold medal, the list goes on…
We’re pretty exhausted, but it was worthwhile.

What did you enjoy about this topic? What did you learn about the winter olympics? Leave a comment.

Purple Pinkie Day

Purple Pinkie – helping to rid the world of Polio.
Polio is a crippling and potentially fatal disease. Fortunately, although incurable, Polio is easy to prevent. A child can be vaccinated for just 50p, protecting the child against this terrible disease for life.
Why is it called Purple Pinkie? When a child is vaccinated, they have a purple stamp put on their little finger. So each Purple Pinkie brings us closer to making Polio history.